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Charitable Giving & Community Impact


Community is more important now than ever. Here at Trextel we are passionate about connections, not only with our customers and our employees, but with our community. Our charitable efforts are a sustaining investment in the future of the communities where our employees live and work, and also a commitment to the future.

As a global leader in our industry, we also have a great responsibility to give back to our communities around the world and to focus our attention, whether it be through monetary support or voluntary commitment, to efforts which better all our communities.

The current global COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we truly are one world and we need to lend a helping hand now more than ever.  The list of organizations we support are just a few of the charities Trextel has partnered with and will continue to support as we work together to rebuild our communities.

If you are looking for ways to help, consider giving blood if you can. This life saving resource is in dire need of donors right now.

For other ways you can help, check out 9 Ways to Help Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic.




Organizations We Support

The following organizations are supported by Trextel through monetary donations, blood donations and/or volunteer hours.

  • American Breast Cancer foundation
  • American Red Cross (Blood Drives)
  • Compassion International
  • iServe Ministries
  • Local Fire Department
  • Local Animal Shelters
  • Toys for Tots

Photo Source: Compassion InternationalPhoto Source: Compassion International