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The most powerful tool to manage network connectivity.

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IntelliTrex provides unmatched visibility into your Wide Area Network, which allows for enterprises to ensure optimal connection to their businesses’ most critical operations and data, with the flexibility of scaling their connectivity operations without added pain points or overhead.

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Integrate Once, Scale Forever

IntelliTrex only requires a one-time integration with OEM and NSP applications for the product to scale indefinitely with all of their business customers. For the end-user, there is no need to implement a new workflow tool or re-train any staff, the integration process is seamless.


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A Single Pane of Glass for All of Your Network Connectivity Needs



Real-time monitoring of your network, data, and application connectivity



We alert the right people at the right time to streamline resolutions to any connectivity problem



Comprehensive reporting tools sourced directly from our integration with your ISP

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Platform Benefits


Agility + Scale

Trextel is small enough to be extremely nimble to respond to dynamic market demands and technology trends, while also having the required depth to be able to provide and deliver new products at scale.


Speed to Market

Trextel’s agility creates actionable results for its partners, enabling them to quickly realize opportunities and desired outcomes within target market and product segments.


Expanded Revenue Opportunities

Trextel’s responsiveness enables its customers to continuously explore new opportunities to increase market and wallet share without concerns of the risk associated with the necessary support.


End Customer Satisfaction

Trextel puts our customers at the center of what we do, so that the customer experience is continually increasing.

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Resolving Connectivity Issues from end-to-end.

The IntelliTrex platform combines cutting-edge software with unique support services that provide customers with unparallelled connectivity support, increasing uptime and addressing issues at either end of the circuit.


Flexibility, product knowledge and excellent Managed Services platform capabilities. - SALES EXECUTIVE
10x Reduction in tickets
30% Increase in uptime

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