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Partnering with Trextel allows you to increase sales and drive growth by empowering you to focus on your core business. By teaming up with us, you leverage our proven nationwide technology deployment capabilities to get to revenue faster. Using our tested project management approach, we work with you to design, deploy and execute every engagement with precision so you can rest assured your technology is being installed properly.

Our network of field technicians serves as an extension of your internal IT department to create scalability to the edge of your network. This allows you to focus on your efforts on the core of your network and our technicians can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently for all your remote locations. You can trust us to optimize your technology deployment strategy, ensuring you get the technology where you need it, when you need it, for even the most complex nationwide deployments.

It doesn’t end with the sale; it ends with delighted customers. As your installation and network management partner we can help solve complex technology integration issues, ensure projects are completed on time and proactively detect and remedy any issues after launch.

By the numbers:

100k Deployments
60+ installs
285 full time technicians

Benefits of Partnering with Trextel:


  • Accelerate sales with a proven project management methodology
  • Utilize multiplatform deployment expertise to create competitive advantage in your marketplace
  • Scale deployments to drive revenue
  • Leverage our nationwide IT deployment capability
  • Simplify complex installations
  • Avoid technology integration issues and reduce costs with standardized deployment methodology
Partnering with Trextel

We can help you optimize your technology deployment strategy

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