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IntelliTrex is a SaaS tool used to monitor connectivity. In a modern business world, real-time connectivity is mission critical, but keeping connections up and optimal takes work. Using IntelliTrex, Network service providers can ensure optimal connection to their business' essential applications and data, with the flexibility of scaling their connectivity operations without added pain points or overhead.

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The IntelliTrex Software

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IntelliTrex monitors a wide range of connectivity mechanisms for modern enterprise customers. From retail locations and its devices to WFH agents, IntelliTrex monitors network activity in real time. 
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Connectivity issues happen, and when they do, IntelliTrex software automatically generates proactive alerts and tickets.  This ensures the internal networking team and carrier are always on the same page. 
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Metrics are important, and IntelliTrex features a comprehensive reporting tool to understand the efficacy of network performance. With intuitive and structured datasets, IntelliTrex reports are ideal for sharing across the org.

IntelliTrex Software + Support


Customer Engagement & Incident Management

Trextel provides customers with online portal access with specific credentials and permissions tailored for each customer.  Our NOC engineers monitor for tickets 7x24x365 and are available for customer questions via phone, email, or ticket.

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