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IntelliTrex: The network management platform for real-time connectivity.

Network enablement is no longer just an up-time problem, it's a real-time problem.  Enterprise-grade networks, especially in today’s multi-carrier, multi-vendor, and multi-device environment, are more complex than ever. And maintaining the necessary real-time connectivity in today’s real-time world is not only complicated, but also paramount.

At Trextel, we not only understand the layers of complexity, but we also specifically integrate with the carriers, vendors, and devices to provide a connectivity performance and enablement platform built specifically for solving complex network outages.

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Our Leading Product


IntelliTrex is a SaaS tool used to proactively manage connectivity for the end user and the Network Service Provider (NSP), to provide real-time alerts and automated ticketing through native integrations and proprietary technology.

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One-time Integration for Consolidated Network Connectivity Performance

We communicate directly with a wide host of network management applications to bring all of that information into a centralized system, giving you one place to understand your complete network connectivity performance - in a single pane of glass.

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Proactive, Real-time Ticket Resolution

Our platform automatically assesses and proactively alerts connectivity issues that arise within your network. If the issue is complex, we instantly generate a ticket and route it to the right person. This eliminates unnecessary alerts and provides proactive resolutions which delivers a 30% increase in uptime and reduces tickets by 10x.

Enterprise Network

Proactively run automated resolutions

If Issue unresolved, generate ticket

ISP or NOC troubleshoot + diagnose


Resolving Issues with
a Human Touch

When IntelliTrex software is bundled with support, the human element is reintroduced at the right time, with the right resources, reducing time to resolution, increasing uptime and improving customer satisfaction.

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"The technology intellect, operational tools and processes, experience, and work ethic of the Trextel employees provides a tremendous level of value and positive impact on the companies they support."

- Director of Network Integration

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How can Trextel help you?

Real-time Business Intelligence

IntelliTrex delivers real-time intelligence about business connectivity as they occur, with near to zero latency and access to information whenever it is required.

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Cellular Monitoring

Proprietary cellular grading algorithm provides accurate reporting of performance.

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SD-WAN Management

Native API integration offers built-in performance monitoring and availability metrics for a wide-range of edge devices across your network.

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Multi-circuit WAN Management

IntelliTrex integrates with multiple carriers, OEMs and Broadband aggregators to simplify the process of monitoring multi-circuit WAN solutions.

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Network Management

IntelliTrex manages network performance and proactively generates tickets to solve issues.

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VPN Management

IntelliTrex tracks the availability, health, performance, and latency of VPN devices to ensure the private network is safe and optimal.

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Remote Work Support

In addition to VPN management, IntelliTrex can monitor specific devices and detect rogue MAC addresses to prevent unauthorized usage of network resources.

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IoT Performance

IntelliTrex processes billions of events and alerts, bridging the gap between devices and business, by collecting and analyzing IoT data at scale to reduce network noise common to IoT environments.

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