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Cut through the Noise.

Trextel enables enterprise organizations to streamline complex IT tasks and workflows by leveraging intelligent automation and integrations at scale
through IntelliTrex™ - our proprietary AIOps platform

Noise Reduction

IntelliTrex proactively monitors network devices,  connections, and performance metrics along with integrated technology elements to analyze alerts, detect issues and enable automated remediations to optimize IT resources and technology investments.

Cellular Grading

IntelliTrex offers a patent-pending cellular grading system for robust primary, back-up and dual cellular applications in 4G & 5G LTE environments; in addition to measuring the performance of wireline connections such as Fiber, Ethernet, MPLS and other broadband services.


IntelliTrex utilizes multi-technology API integrations, which are critical for carriers, technology providers and IT professionals to seamlessly streamline and scale for feature functionality across OEM, Client Systems and Service Provider platforms.

Industries we serve

We care about community and the people connected by the very industries that serve them.  That is why Trextel is dedicated to ensuring businesses maintain the connections that matter most.

"Technology is what we do, but people are at the heart of everything we do.  That is why we place a high value on culture, integrity and shared respect at every level of Trextel. "

Co-founder & CEO, Trextel

We believe a connected world is a better world.

Connectivity is more important now than ever. Companies need to accomplish more with less resources, all while maintaining the same level of customer experience as before. That is why we built IntelliTrex... to leverage automation that enables businesses to focus on the people and processes that matter most.

What our clients say

"I rate Trextel a 10 for their responsiveness and customer focus.  They do a great job keeping all our sites up and operational, no matter where they are."
Art Foley
Leading Financial Institution

"We went with Trextel's Managed Services to address our rapidly growing organization.  Having them take care of our help desk and hardware needs gave up peace of mind and freed us up to get on with business."

Anna S.
Major Retailer

"Trextel's team helped us plan our deployment across 200 store locations.  They planned for everything and as a result, we were up and running a week ahead of schedule."

Gayle M.
Major Franchiser

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